Ray Schutte
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What viewers have to say:
Successful at expressing the uniqueness of what's most familiar and still ineffable, or that quality in nature that's so difficult to capture on canvas (to say nothing of lenses and copiers), but that we all keep striving to do.”  Sue Letsinger

What the Critics have to say: 
The Other Gun Show, The background of Ray Schutte’s large photographic print “Lichen Gun Boat” invites us into a scene of otherworldly beauty. Schutte has zoomed in on the blue, green and white forms of a lichen garden on his deck. But superimposed on this graceful world is a bold, graphic circle — we are looking through the sights of a weapon. The implications are immediately clear but also expansive, touching on questions of perspective, partnering organisms, potential violence and the environment.   Gayle Clemans,  Seattle Times May 17, 2013

Altered Photos, “... the multi-impression dye prints of Ray Schutte, also from Seattle, are strong, spare stuff. In "Lichen V," a slanting bar of crinkly green (the "lichen" of the title in extreme close-up) is set against a mottled pink-gray backdrop. In "Chakra," and "Mono No Aware," Schutte imposes colorful computer-generated frames (circular for "Chakra," rectangular for "Mono") suggested by the shapes in nature — leaves, rocks, a tree branch — that are his subject matter.”    Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times, 8/26/2010

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